[greenstone-users] Problems with advanced form search

From Allison Zhang
DateFri Apr 11 08:43:22 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] Problems with advanced form search
I=A1=AFm experiencing a problem with the width of the navigation bar. I=
up the page width macro as 780 px:
537 {780}

but the navigation bar is always longer than the page width. I created
many collections using different page width and never had any problem. I
don=A1=AFt know what=A1=AFs wrong with this one. I compared the collectio=
n macro
file with the macro file for other collections and could not find anythin=
wrong. Does anybody have any idea what could be wrong? Here is the URL
for this trouble collection. The navigation bar is 817 px, 37 px longer
than the page width 780 px.


Many thanks