[greenstone-users] Spanish accents problems

From Allison Zhang
DateThu Dec 6 08:28:12 2007
Subject [greenstone-users] Spanish accents problems
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I just found out "ignore word ending" (cgiarg shortname=s
argdefault=1)worked! Please ignore what I said about this issue in my
previous message.


At 01:47 PM 12/5/2007 -0500, Allison Zhang wrote:
>We are working on a large collection with about 60,000 metadata records in
>Spanish. We are using GSDL 2.74. We have some problems:
>1. We want to set up search default to ignore case differences and ignore
>word ending. In the main.cfg file, I setup:
>cgiarg shortname=k argdefault=1
>cgiarg shortname=s argdefault=1
>The "ignore case differences" worked, but the "ignore word ending" did not
>work. Actually, it never worked for me. I had the same experience with
>another collection.
>2. We also want to ignore accents so that searching "Sepulveda" and
>"Sep?lveda" will return same results. I saw a preference option "Accent
>differences" and I tried that, it did not work. I could not find the
>shortname for this option on the Actions and Arguments tables. I tried
>cgiarg shortname=hs argdefault=1
>It did not work. Is there an argument for "Accent differences"?
>I know there is a record with a name "Sep?lveda" but the search did not
>return anything. I checked the metadata doc.xml file for this record and
>the name is coded as:
>Did I do something wrong? Anything should I do to fix the problems?
>I have set up a test collection with 50 records at
>I would appreciate any help.
>Thank you very much!
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