WRLC digital collections

From Allison Zhang
DateWed, 12 Feb 2003 10:28:19 -0500
Subject WRLC digital collections
Good morning, everybody,

I'd like to draw your attention to several Greenstone collections created by the Washington Research Library Consortium (WRLC).
  • Federal Theatre Project Poster Slides collection (http://www.aladin.wrlc.org/dl/collection/hdr?ftpp)
    Contains slides of over 600 posters used to promote Federal Theater Project productions between 1935 and 1939.
  • Felix E. Grant Collection (http://www.aladin.wrlc.org/dl/collection/hdr?grant).
    Contains over 300 photographs, radio interviews, and associated resources.

    Several collections released last year are linked on the Greenstone Examples page, under "aladin special collections digital library". These collections include:
    • Terence Vincent Powderly Photographic Prints (http://www.aladin.wrlc.org/dl/collection/hdr?powderly)
      Over 300 photographs.
    • Fenian Brotherhood Collection (http://www.aladin.wrlc.org/dl/collection/hdr?fenian)
      Over 1500 pages of manuscripts.
    • The William Staughton Collection (http://www.aladin.wrlc.org/dl/collection/hdr?staughton)
      Over 300 pages of manuscripts, newspaper clippings, etc.
    • Timothy Vedder Letters (http://www.aladin.wrlc.org/dl/collection/hdr?vedder)
      14 personal letters.

      We experimented the following features with Greenstone.
      • A standard graphic interface with different flavors for each individual collection.
      • Using Image Viewer to display multiple-page documents in a separate window.
      • Linking full-text transcriptions in HTML and PDF formats in the records and viewing in a separate window.
      We also plan to use Greenstone to deliver EAD finding aids.

      Thanks very much for the great software Greenstone and all help and support from Greenstone staff.

      Allison Zhang
      Manager, Digital Collections Production Center
      Washington Research Library Consortium
      901 Commerce Drive
      Upper Marlboro, MD 20774
      Phone: 301-390-2049
      Fax: 301-390-2020
      Email: zhang@wrlc.org