[greenstone-users] Title list W-P?

From Allison Zhang
DateWed, 01 Oct 2003 14:49:36 -0400
Subject [greenstone-users] Title list W-P?
I am working on a collection of PDF documents. On the title list, the
alphabet links on the top show as


I am puzzled by W-P. Where did the P come from?

I used "DC.Title.section" as the metadata for the title classifier and the
"DC.Title" for the CL1VList for the display. This is because we put the
date in the title with the format of (Month date, year) which did not
display the title in the correct order. (December displayed before
November, for example) So, we added a hidden field DC.Title.section, in
which we put "title yyyy-mm-dd" format, and we use this field as the
classifier so the titles display in the correct order by date. It worked
fine for our purpose. However, I don't know where the W-P came from. All
metadata records were created automatically by a script and only a few
records were edited manually. I checked those records and did not find any

Any ideas?

Here is the URL. Click on the Titles, you will see the problem.



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