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From Allison Zhang
DateThu, 11 Dec 2003 10:24:47 -0500
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] FW: [LITA-L:6338] LITA Forum 2004 -- Call for proposals

I am interested in doing a presentation at LITA about Greenstone but is
worried about the deadline. A panel of Greenstone users is a very good idea
if we can come up a proposal before the deadline.


At 09:44 AM 12/11/2003 -0500, Laura Sheble wrote:
>Has anyone thought about a Greenstone-related presentation at LITA? A look
>over the example collections from the Greenstone web site really speaks to
>the flexibility and adaptability of this software. It would be really neat
>to have a panel of Greenstone users from several different organizations and
>organization types speak about their implementations of Greenstone.
>Perhaps one of the developers could be involved as well, in person or
>The deadline for proposals is just around the corner, however.
>Laura Sheble
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>Subject: [LITA-L:6338] LITA Forum 2004 -- Call for proposals
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>2004 LITA National Forum: Call for Proposals
>Due Date for proposals: December 15, 2003
>The 2004 National Forum Committee seeks proposals for high quality
>concurrent sessions at the 7th annual LITA National Forum to be held at the
>Sheraton Westport Hotel, St. Louis, Missouri, October 7-10, 2004.
>Theme: 10 Years of Connectivity: Libraries, the World Wide Web, and the
>Next Decade
>Over the last 10 years, libraries have established a significant presence on
>the Web, and have developed new methods for delivering expanded and
>innovative services using new technologies. Over the next decade, libraries
>will continue to expand their reach, redefine their roles, and face emerging
>issues that are radically different from traditional library issues of the
>The Forum Committee is particularly interested in presentations that
>highlight specific technology implementations in any type of library.
>Proposals on all aspects of library and information technology are welcome.
>Possible proposal topics include, but are not limited to:
> Standards, markup and metadata
> Emerging Technologies
> Creating and sustaining digital libraries
> Preservation of digital records
> Digital Rights Management
> Authentication/privacy
> Design and management of portals
> Customization/personalization
> Search engines
> Information architecture
> Web application design and databases
> Web content management
> Wireless technologies
> Assistive technologies
> Forecasting, budgeting, and managing technological change
> IT Project Management
> New user services and new communities
> Knowledge sharing applications
> Distance education and courseware
> Streaming media
> Services for remote patrons
> Resource linking strategies
> Integrated access to resources
> Electronic books and journals
> Open source software
> Internet Law and Filtering Technology
>Presentations must have a technological focus and they must pertain to
>libraries and/or be of interest to librarians. Concurrent sessions are
>approximately 75 minutes in length.
>Forum 2004 will also accept a limited number of poster session proposals.
>Presenters should indicate their interest in a poster session on their
>Presenters are required to submit handouts one month in advance for the
>Forum notebook, and handouts will be made available on the Web site after
>the event.
>Your proposals are welcome and much appreciated! To submit a proposal, send
>the following information via email (in ASCII, Word or RTF format):
> Title
> Abstract and brief outline
> Level indicator (basic, intermediate, or advanced)
> Brief biographical information. Include experience as a presenter and
>expertise in the topic
> Full contact information
> Could this be a possible poster session?
> How you heard about the 2004 Forum Call for Proposals
>The 2004 Forum Planning Committee will review proposals at the ALA Midwinter
>Conference in January 2004. You will be contacted about the status of your
>proposal by the end of February 2004.
>Submit proposals (in ASCII, Word, or RTF) by December 15, 2003, to: Mary
>Taylor,, Executive Director, Library and Information
>Technology Association.
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