[greenstone-users] Help with Greenstone Search options!

From Amos Kujenga
DateThu Nov 13 00:09:45 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] Help with Greenstone Search options!
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Hi Chedza,

I'd be glad to assist if possible, however, what is the exact problem
that you are facing, i.e., would you be more specific? For instance,
are you creating collections on a local machine or using Remote
Greenstone Librarian Interface, etc?



On 11/12/08, Chedza Molefe <cmolefe2002@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Dear all,
> After going through training, we started to work with the GSDL. We managed,
> after some struggle, to create some collections and we have since been
> populating and indexing. We have, however hit a snag when we tried to create
> more collections.
> While the initial batch of collections offers options to search by several
> entry points such as Title, Author, keywords, date, material formats etc,
> the collections remain stuck on the default just searching for some words.
> We have tried to base the collections entirely on the existing ones and this
> does not help. I am appealing to colleagues who may have better understand
> to please guide us on finding a solution to this.
> I thank you all.
> Chedza Molefe
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