[greenstone-users] Customizing Greenstone User Interface Updated 11-25-08

From Amos Kujenga
DateWed Nov 26 21:24:40 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] Customizing Greenstone User Interface Updated 11-25-08
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Hi Allison,

Thanks so much for the update.

I'm sure these your efforts have and will continue to benefit many
"Greenstoners" out there (or here :-)). Documentation (lack of it) is
usually a big drawback in FOSS projects but with your input, for
example, I believe many can learn a lot more about Greenstone IF they
can get to GO THROUGH the page. Your page does answer many many
questions, I must admit, but sadly, despite such efforts I'm not sure
where this culture of "if all else fails, consult the manual" came
from; people hardly read manuals, period! I'd like to encourage list
members to read the already existing documentation as it'll answer
many of the questions that get to be asked on the list. I think the
list archive is also another good stopping point.

Once again, thanks and do keep up the good work.



On 11/25/08, Allison Zhang <zhang@wrlc.org> wrote:
> Dear Friends,
> I just added a section "Hyperlinks in Document Display" under "Modifying
> Document Display" in my online document "Customizing Greenstone User
> Interface" at http://www.wrlc.org/dcpc/UserInterface/interface.htm.
> Just let you know.
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