[greenstone-users] Sqaure brackets in text

From Amos Kujenga
DateThu Dec 18 00:02:49 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] Sqaure brackets in text
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Hi Renate,

You can simply use the backslash character "" as an escape character.
For example, if part of your format statement was:

<td valign="top">[dc.Title]</td>

then you'd change it to:

<td valign="top">[[dc.Title]]</td>

for square brackets or

<td valign="top">{[dc.Title]}</td>

for curly brackets.

I hope that helps!



On 12/16/08, Renate Morgenstern <rmorgenstern@iway.na> wrote:
> Hi,
> According to archival and cataloguing rules, etc, information has
> sometimes to be embraced in square brackets [ ]. When one wants to
> display this information in Greenstone, it does not display because
> the parameters are also in { }. When we removed the { } it was
> showing. Is there a way how to get around this problem?
> We now have removed the [ ] from the text.
> Thanks for any suggestions.
> Renate--
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