[greenstone-devel] Problems with new defined metadata

From andreas.heininger@stud.uni-bamberg.de
DateTue, 22 Mar 2005 17:18:45 +0100
Subject [greenstone-devel] Problems with new defined metadata
Hi all,

I am developing an java-based http-Client for Greenstone 3. I am able to send messages to greenstone, and receive the answers as xml (by changing the receptionist in web.xml). So far so good.

problem 1)

I now defined my own set of metadata in a .mets file, and i am able to import these to my collection via the Librarian interface. It is possible to assign metadata manually, but i am not able to build indices or classifiers on these new metadata. They are not in the dopdown-menues :(

problem 2)

Wenn i send a message to greenstone to display a document with a certain hashvalue, not all metadata of this document are in the answer of this display document request. I found in the manual a retrieval service, but how can i access this service via the servlet? And how is the cgi-call for this servlet build?

problem 3) in the answer of an display document message there is an metadata element (name=Title). How can i control which metadatafield is put there?

Thanks a lot