[greenstone-users] I have some questions when using Greenstone 2.82 (2)

From Anna Huang
DateMon Jun 15 14:56:34 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] I have some questions when using Greenstone 2.82 (2)
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Hi Nick,

There is a brief explanation on how to activate the authentication
function in the "How the collection works" section here

Open the collection configuration file by clicking the "collection
configuration file" hyperlink there, search for "Authentication
directives", and you will see the following lines:

public_documentsHASH010f073f22033181e206d3b7 HASHac0a04dd14571c60d7fbfd


This suggests that 1) current collection uses per-document authentication;
2) apart from the above two documents (HASH010f073f22033181e206d3b7,
HASHac0a04dd14571c60d7fbfd), all the others in this collection are
private; 3) only users from the "demo" usergroup have access to the
private documents.

Try to add similar configuration to your collection's collect.cfg file (in
the collection's etc folder).

Concerning the error message you got, it's hard to debug without further
information. Did you get any other messages in the GLI window? If not, try
switching to the Expert mode (in File->Preferences->Mode), and building
the collection again, do you get more information now?


> 3. Now, I am researching collections ?Authentication demo?, How can I
> create a collection like that one?
> 4. There is a error when I use version 2.82 of Build Collection. How can I
> correct this problem?
> error: Collection Preview State: An error has occurred which will prevent
> the collection being previewed.
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