[greenstone-users] Using Greenstone as a webography : some problems with php files

From Damien NICOL
DateSat Mar 22 13:05:59 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] Using Greenstone as a webography : some problems with php files
Hello everyone,

I discovered Greenstone last couple of months, and I decided to include it
in a Information project, about the french student's strike last november.
Our plot was to use Greenstone as a tool which link documents to their real
sources (for legal issues). So, the value "file_as_url" is indispensable.

To make indexes and logical organization of our documents, I used the
mirroring module. For the majority of documents, there isn't any problems,
their're coming where I gathered some PHP files.
Indeed, some mirrored websites uses some CMS like Spip :

1) The url has been modified. Normally, it would be spip.php?article... it
became spip.php@article...
2) Greenstone can't identify the filetype because of the text after, so the
plugin UnknownPlug indexes the document.

Is there any solution to configure Greenstone to index correctly that kind
of file, in order to get all my items under the icon "weblink"?

Tthanks for your support.
Damien NICOL
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