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From Nathan Einwechter
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Subject RE: [greenstone-users] using greenstone in a multi librarianenvironment
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This is interesting, because we've also looked at implementing something
similar here. The only difference would be to make it fully multi-user

The basic scheme is to not just check out entire collections (i.e. only
one user at a time on a collection) but to check out operations and
files. So, for example, collection configuration type operations would
be checked out as a group so that only one user can do that at a time
(thus preventing multiple people making different changes at the same
time). Further, we would do the same thing when adding or modifying
metadata, as well as adding documents to a collection. So, when you're
modifying/adding metadata to a specific file, everyone else is blocked
from doing those same operations. Also, when uploading a new file, you
are automatically given a lock on that file to immediately add metadata

Then, there would be a multi-condition re-build phase where each user
that has logged in for the day can check a "Completed Daily Tasks"
button which tells the system that user is done for the day. Once either
all users have done this, or a specific time period has occurred, the
collection can be re-built accordingly if needed.

I have a number of design images sitting here for the flow and general
operational design of this - we just haven't had any time, money or
pressing need to implement it into anything real as yet. I think this
functionality is relatively simple to bootstrap onto GSDL. I was
thinking of just making a new interface, or modifying the existing one
to add simple checkout features, and then have another server side
program deal with everything else. The client-server setup, for our
purposes, also includes secured SSL communications which allow
username/password and/or certificate based authentication and

Just some ideas. I think this is where GS really needs to go as larger
libraries/projects take on this software. Ultimately, this becomes a
framework for what I'd call the dGSDL (distributed GSDL).

Take care everyone.

-- Nathan Einwechter

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Hi Stephen,

There is some brand-new functionality (that's not even in Greenstone
v2.62) that allows multiple people to collaborate on collections. This
is thanks to the West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, who funded us
to develop this functionality.

The collections are kept on the server and users are able to edit them
remotely, using either a stand-alone version of the GLI or the GLI
applet. Only one person is allowed to have a collection open at a time,
however. Authentication is implemented so access to collections can be
restricted to certain users.

Download links and documentation are at

This functionality is pretty fresh so there are likely to be a few bugs
lurking around. Please report these so we can fix them before the
Greenstone v2.63 release at the start of next year.

Hope this suits your needs,

All the best,


Stephen DeGabrielle wrote:

>Hi Guys,
>I was wondering if anyone on the list uses greenstone with multiple
>ie have multiple staff building a single greenstone collection.
>I have 3 users who are working on a collection of media releases(that
>growing) and I am having trouble working out the best way to let them
>update the collection.
>I am keen to know;
>a) how you have set up greenstone/gli to deal with multiple users
>submitting/cataloguing material, and
>b) your staff workflows when using it.
>Stephen De Gabrielle
>Northern Terrritory Library
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