[greenstone-devel] Hierarchical AZList classifier

From Michael Dewsnip
DateSat Feb 23 10:40:44 2008
Subject [greenstone-devel] Hierarchical AZList classifier
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Hi Arthur,

You could modify MARCXML plug to add the starting letter as the first
part of your subject hierarchy, for example "A|An Example|Subject"
instead of "An Example|Subject".

This would give you a vertical A-Z list as the first level. If you
wanted this to be horizontal instead, specify the "-hlist_at_top" option
to the Hierarchy classifier.

All the best,


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Arthur R. Belanger wrote:
> I have a collection with about 300,000 bib records from marcxml. I
> have modifies the MARCXML plugin for this collection to add vertical
> bars("|") between each of the subfields in the MARC 650 field which I
> map to Subject. This gives me the ability to use the Hierarchy
> classifier on Subject.
> As there are so many records, the hierarchy list goes on forever. I
> would like to have an A-Z list for the top level of the hierarchy and
> then display the hierarchy when I select a particular top level
> subject. I haven't seen any classifier that can do this. Is it
> possible? has anyone written this type of classifier?
> Thanks in advance.