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Peace Corps Work in Upper Volta

Pamela and Raymond Pomfret-Stewart are Peace Corps volunteers based in Tenkodogo (Upper Volta) working with a modified Kaya concrete stove and the chimneyless Tungku Lowon model (see photograph). To aid promotional efforts they have commissioned a local artist to produce a series of paintings on cloth, which they use in teach-in sessions, to 'sell' the stove to villagers. After a year's work they are beginning to receive enthusiastic response from the inhabitants.

Drawings 1 and 2: "We used to collect our firewood near the village but now the women are spending a long time carrying loads of wood"


Drawings 3, 4 and 5: "Our traditional stoves have many disadvantages. They cause fires in the village, the smoke is bad for our eyes, and they burn people as accidents easily happen with these stoves"

Drawing 6: "As wood gets scarcer the price is going up all the time"

Drawings 7 and 8: "The new stoves use less wood, make less smoke, and are much more convenient to use"

Drawings adapted for printing from photographs of originals