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Sahelian Stove Conference

An international seminar organised and funded by CILSS/UNFSSTD on Research and Dissemination Strategies for stoves in the Sahel was held from 27 September to 4 October 1984 at Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

About 50 participants were represented from countries belonging to CILSS, together with Ethiopia, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Britain, France, Italy and the UN. The representatives of UNFSSTD, CILSS, UNSO and the Burkina Faso Government opened by emphasizing the importance of improved stoves in the fight against desertification in the Sahel.

The Seminar studied the results obtained by the "Foyers Ameliores Programme" and exchanged information and experience between the participants. The consensus was that more effort is needed in stove promotion to permit the wide dissemination of improved stoves.

It is certain that large human and financial resources are needed to disseminate stoves by the millions and only in this way is it possible to make a significant reduction in wood consumption.

The Seminar Recommended


- Provide regular support to the countries least advanced in stove work.

- Complete a set of seminar papers to be given out through the secretariat to each chief government representative in the hope that they will be presented to their Councils of Ministers

- Present and distribute sets to:

- L'ensemble des Agences de Cooperation

- L'Institute de Sahel

- National Correspondents of CILSS

- Report at the beginning of each meeting the state of development and financing of the national projects so as to show, in the medium-long term, the different gaps in their stove projects funding.


- Take account of the results of existing research before launching new projects.

- Investigate the inadequacy of the information circulation between the different Sahelian research centres with the rest of the world.

- Investigate the difficulties of interpreting laboratory test results. The seminar established the "Stove Testing Standard for the Sahel" which is a revision of the Draft International Testing Standard (1982 Arlington).

- Consider the need for training Sahelian researchers in the design of improved stoves.

- Consider that the improvement of stove prototypes needs to be pursued.

The seminar recommended on the subject of research:

- The training of Sahelian researchers at 2 levels

- Stove design theory.

- Training methodology for better illustration of designs for constructors and users.

- The redefinition of the role of travailing technical co-ordinators.

- A better understanding of the techniques of pottery work for pottery stove designs.

- Standardization of measuring equipment in the hope of producing more uniform test conditions.

- The application of the method of simplified tests for a trial period in the different laboratories.

- The development of a system of statistical analysis in connection with the establishment of a format of results.

- Standard pot diameters to enable better control of stove design parameters.

- The use of 2 types of technically acceptable stoves.

- Simple shielded fire-type improved 3 stones stove made from mud.

- Simple shielded fire-type metal stoves for wood or charcoal.

- Complimentary research on the following points

- Strength of local materials for use in mud and pottery stove construction.

- Large mud or--brick-stoves for special purposes schools, hospitals, institutions and food processing.

- Stove stability and smoke removal.

- The creation of centres for research and technical support in countries which are in need and support for existing centres.

- To keep records of the interactions between the following stages:

- utilization

- manufacture

- distribution

The Seminar recommended on the subject of Dissemination to:

- Obtain financial and political support for the large scale promotion of improved stoves.

- Strengthen the national Sahelian stove committee to allow better fundraising or create them where they do not exist.

- Ensure initially the artisanal production of portable stoves and potential industrial production, particularly in urban areas.

- Give priority for dissemination on the rural areas, to stove models for home construction using locally available materials of mud or pottery.

- Intensive promotion of portable and '"home" made stoves of already proven design.

- To popularize improved stoves in regions where the problems of wood fuel are not yet acute; putting the accent on comfort, less labour and prestige of an improved stove.

- Integration of improved stove promotion into rural and social development projects.

- Harmonizing evaluation methods at the government level in CILSS countries and facilitiating the exchange of experience between stove projects.