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ITDG's Education Programme

by Val Rea - Education Officer

In BP 16 we reported the "Technology Week" at Newbold Grange School and their stove testing exercises. ITDG's Education Department believes that "Teaching English children about evelopment in the Third World is a huge task and not one that ITDG can tackle alone" and so it must arouse the enthusiasm of schools and teachers. Its contribution takes 3 forms:

1. Promoting the positive success stories of Intermediate Technology.

2. Showing how these successes contribute to a sustainable future for individuals, communities, and ultimately the whole world.

3. Stressing the vital contribution to these successes of the knowledge and strengths of the African, Asian and Latin American communities with which we work.

Gradually the Education Department is developing resources for teachers who want to use them, refining these resources so that teachers may make the best use of them, and thus establishing a base from which wider scale dissemination can eventually take place. This is ITDG's contribution to development education.

The new Education Pack "Fuel Efficient Stoves" contains 3 papers:

1) "Fuel Efficient Stoves" analyses the fuel wood crisis as it affects both women and their environment and describes fuel efficient stoves and their role in alleviating the fuel wood crisis.

2) "An Appropriate Stove For Sri Lanka" is a detailed study of the need to save fuel in Sri Lanka and description of the stove developed to meet that need.

3) "Sri Lanka Country Profile" is an illustrated profile of Sri Lanka, for use either as background information for stove paper 2, or for other project work.