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News From Shinfield

Since the issue of the last 'Boiling Point' in which we announced Stephen Joseph's impending departure from England, we have had many letters wishing Stephen good luck and expressing regret at his departure. As explained in issue No 4, Stephen has been making regular inputs to the Stoves Project as its Principal Consultant since April this year, but we did not clarify the continuing relationship between ITDG and Stephen. In 1984 Stephen will be based in Australia but he will not be giving up on Stoves. He plans to continue as our Principal Consultant for approximately four months a year, and spending about three months of this time in Reading. He will still be very much part of the IT Stoves team and a major resource in an expanding ITDG Biomass for Energy Programme.

Since April this year Yvonne Shanahan has been Acting Manager of the Stoves Project. She is now preparing to become the Chief Field Officer when she makes way for the new Project Manager, Mrs Yvette Stevens, who will be joining the team in October.

Yvette is a Sierra Leonan electrical engineer, trained at the MOSCOW Power Engineering Institute, and at Imperial College, London. For the past three years she has been working in Ajit Bhalla's Technology and Employment Branch at the International Labour Organisation in Geneva. Her main activities there related to income and employment creating projects in rural Africa.