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October/November Stove Meetings

The Food and Agriculture Organisation is holding a three day consultation meeting in Rome during the last week of October, 'to provide a preliminary assessment of the impact of wood burning stove programmes, particularly in terms of fuel economy, acceptability of stoves, and speed of diffusion, of time requirement and scale of action'. It is hoped that this preliminary evaluation will 'ultimately provide planners and policy makers with some concrete indications of the real potential of wood burning stove programmes'. The purpose of the consultation 'is not to discuss the technical problems involved in stove design, dissemination and evaluation, but to examine the complex inter-action of technical, socio-economic, institutional and political aspects which influence the impact of such programmes.'

A small number of knowledgeable experts from Africa, Asia and Latin America have been invited to attend, and they will each present a paper on their programmes. Stephen Joseph has prepared a background paper for presentation at the meeting.

Several of those attending this meeting will then travel to Holland for the International Workshop on Woodstove Dissemination. The organising committee for this meeting is A Caceres (CEMAT, Guatemala), N Islam (Bangladesh University), Stephen Joseph, Madame J Ki-Zerbo (CILSS, Sahel), and K Krishna Prasad (Eindhoven University).

The specific aims of the workshop are to:

a) review and synthesise selected on-going woodstove projects;

b) develop a set of plausible dissemination strategies that

i) can contribute to superior domestic environment, and

ii) can make a dent on fuel consumption at the macro level;

c) initiate follow-up work to identify the relative effectiveness of the strategies considered in b);

d) draw up a range of options for the design, assessment and implementation of stove programmes consistent with the scale of the problem.'

The initial meeting in October will be followed by field projects in 1984 in six countries focusing on possible strategies for large scale dissemination of stove technologies.

A final meeting will be held towards the end of 1984 or early 1985.

ITDG Stoves Project personnel are closely involved in these meetings the outcome of which will be reported in the next issue of Boiling Point.