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Handicapped Workers Build Stoves in Mali

By Vivienne Abbotte, an ITDG worker currently seconded to Mali.

The Association Malias for the Promotion of the Physically Handicapped aims to mass produce a widely disseminated improved, portable, metal stove. After field testing, the improved stove model has been approved by the Mali Solar Energy Laboratory for its high thermal efficiency and its suitability for this country.

It is different from the normal stove in having a narrower top, a unit body made from 1 cm new sheet steel with primary air holes at the base and a removable grate for burning wood (1-1.5 mm). The pot support is a triangle of 10 mm die steel rod. (See diagram)

The stove is not painted and buyers are advised not to leave it in the rain or to put out the fire with water, to prevent rusting. Instructions for use are given to each buyer. They sell at F CFA 1.750 for the small, No. 1 stove up to F CFA 3.000 for the No. 6 and 4.500 for the No. 10 (8-10 made to order only).

Eight workers (all physically handicapped) were trained during May and June 1985. In July, August and Steptember 400 stoves were produced and 250 stoves had been sold. Production has reaches 10-15 stoves per day and with a little more tooling (a rolling machine, a folding machine and a spot welder) they should achieve a production rate of 25-30 stoves per day by the end of the year. A big marketing push is now being organized, including a promotions vehicle which would also be used as a mobile shop.