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Rugby, UK. August-September 1985

This was a high level seminar for 7 senior engineers/administrators from ITDG's collaborating organisations in Kenya, Nepal and Sudan. Training was provided by a team of ITDG people in the fields of programme strategy and planning; stove production technologies and economics; practical work with metal stoves including design and consruction of an instititutional cooking stove and a briquette burning stove by the participants; clay extrusion; stove testing and data processing; training and dissemination methods; use of computers; small steam engines, furnaces and boilers; sugar processing and baking ovens.

The participants were provided with large quantities of reference material in the areas of their particular interest and the seminar was evaluated as being effective and mutually beneficial.

ITDG at London's Design Centre

An exhibition of ITDG's work was featured at London's Design Centre near Picadilly for six weeks in September and October, entitled "Design for Need". The exhibition which was attended by over 100,000 people displayed examples of hardware from most of ITDG's overseas programmes including the stove project. The opening was attended by Bob Geldof whose "Live Aid" campaign may wish to support ITDG in longer term help for the Sahel.