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Boiling Point is the journal of the Intermediate Technology Development Group's- Fuel for Food Programme and the GATE/GTZ Programme. It is printed on 100% recycled paper by Rugby Community Printworks (affiliated to the Rugby Youth Promotion Programme). ITDG , a registered British Charity. Contributions are welcome in the form of articles of not more than 1,000 words plus line drawings, photographs, simple graphs etc., where appropriate. All correspondence should be addressed to Boiling Point, ITDG, Fuel for Food Programme, Myson House, Railway Terrace, Rugby, CV21 3HT, UK. Opinions expressed in contributory articles are those of the authors an l not necessarily that of the ITDG Fuel for rood Programme.(Readers wishing to enter into correspondence may obtain full postal addresses from the address given above).

ISSN: 0263-3167

Editorial & Production Team

Tammy Flavell - Produciton Manager

Ian Grant - Editor

Emma Crewe - Associate Editor

Peter Young - FFF Senior Technical Manager

Agnes Klingshirn - GATE/GTZ Representative

Bernd Benthin - GATE/GTZ Project Consultant

Specialist Advisors:

Tim Jones - Ceramicist

Kathryn Clarke - Marketing

Simon Burne - Economist



M Allen, E Crewe

I Grant, J Hoeksema

M Howes, T Jones

S Joseph, M Martinez-Negrete

N Ravindranth, M Sarin

F Swartzendruber, L Winiarski

P Young, A Klingshirn (Editorial)

Cartoons: Peter Bradbrook, Julian Nott-Bower

French Summaries by P Watts (ITDG) & Bois de Feu


Contributions to Boiling Point

Contributions are invited for the next three issues of Boiling Point, the main themes of which will be:

No: 24 - Smoke Monitoring No: 25 - Stove Programme Funding No: 26

Articles for these issues should reach this office by the end of February for issue No. 24, the end of June for issue No. 25 and the end of October for issue No. 26.

Technical Enquiries to ITDG

One of the most valuable services provided by ITDG is in answering technical enquiries. The stove team and its associates are at your service in this way and have answered many enquiries over the last 6 years.

Please send all enquiries to: The Manager Technical Enquiry Office ITDG, Myson House Railway Terrace, RUGBY, CV21 3HT, UK

Fax: 0788 540270


Please find enclosed a subscription form for Boiling Point editions 24-26. Please complete this form and return it to the address shown with your payment of 10.00 or send a letter requesting continuation of Boiling Point. (Even if you are unable to pay, please return this form with your details so we can then enter this information on our computer records). Authors, publishers of books, papers, journals on 3rd world stoves or stove programmes, are invited to submit copies for review in Boiling Point.


Intermediate technology’s aim to enable poor people to develop and use productive technologies and methods which give them greater control over their own lives and which contribute to the long-term development of their communities. ITDG is a British charity mainly funded by the Overseas Development Administration and GATE/GTZ agency.