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Stove Images Needs Your Help

STOVE IMAGES will consist of illustrated descriptions of traditional and improved stoves, and will be produced in English, French and Spanish. It is being financed by the Commission of the European Communities (ŒC) within the scope of Actions in Favour of Tropical Forests and produced by the Sozietat fur Entwicklungsplanung (SFE) in co-operation with ABF, Paris; ITDG Rugby; GTZ Eschborn and other organizations.

Objectives of the Publication

The main objective of this publication is to contribute to the improvement of the worldwide ecology and of domestic conditions in the developing countries.

Its specific aim is to spread knowledge and experience through an overall picture of different stove technologies and dissemination strategies used in Africa, Asia and Latin America. It will also provide a useful tool for strengthening the dissemination of appropriate and efficient stoves.

STOVE IMAGES has three special objectives:

- promotion of an understanding of the use and benefits of a technology which will help to reduce the pressure on our threatened environment

- visual presentation of technologies in a simple and comprehensible manner (photographs, graphics, drawings).

- documentation of different types of traditional and improved stoves and sources of information (bibliography and global directory of organizations, projects etc.)


Considering the large number of stove types and projects and the amount of information available we plan to present a limited number of stoves, selected according to their proven dissemination impact, the importance of their fuel, construction materials or stove types for special groups and/or their geographical distribution.

Target Groups

The principal target groups for the publication are national and international organizations and programmes involved in various development fields: environmental, energy, agro-forestry, improved stoves, women, rural development, health, education, etc. as well as those involved in funding and research.


Down to Earth

A new journal "Down to Earth", concerned with environmental and science issues, is now being published fortnightly.

If you would like to receive more details and information on how to subscribe please write to:

Down to Earth

Society for Environmental Communications

F-6 Kailash Colony, New Delhi - 110 048


Fax: 91116475879

Stove Data Sheet -Traditional Stove/Improved Stove

Technical drawing of stove - isometric view. Key Dimensions only

Project Name/Address:


Stove Name:

Date of First Production & Qty

Uses (Domestic/Inst/Comm/Small Ind):

Fuel Type (Wood/Charcoal/Residues):

Construction Materials (Mud/Ceramic)Masonry/Metal):

by (User/Artisan/Small Factory):


) specific

Fuel Saving

) standard

Smoke Output

) tests

Thank you very much for your cooperation

D Germann B Westhoff, SfE Sozietat fur Entwicklungsplanung

Vogelweidstrasse 18, D-60596 Frankfurt, Germany

Tel: 69 638086: Fax: 69 638066