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Nepal - The CFDP / RECAST Stove Programme

In September Stephen Joseph was commissioned by FAC to assist the National Nepal Stove Programme, which was initiated in February 1981.

Two pottery stoves have been designed and laboratory tested. They are an insert stove and a double walled stove (see Figure 1 ); both have 2 pot-seats and a chimney. 700 stoves have been placed in households in the Kathmandu valley. initial indications are that the stoves are more fuel efficient than the existing models, and are acceptable to most users.

* Community Forestry Development Project (FAO), Kathmandu / Research Centre for Science and Technology, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal.


Problems had been encountered with the cleaning of the chimney and installation of the insert stove. TO overcome these, members of the RECAST team, Mr Bajracharya (a local stove consultant), and Stephen Joseph redesigned the bottom section of the chimney, and modified the insert stove (see Fig 2).

Following this visit Stephen has redesigned the single pot chimney stove and test work is now being undertaken. We hope to report on the results in the next issue of Boiling Point.