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News from Shinfield



The combination of travelling, the ensuing report writing, and the holiday season, have resulted in less activity than usual in the Stoves Project's laboratory and Workshops.

Bill Stewart left Reading at the end of May for Sri Lanka as our Field Project Officer based with the Sarvodaya stove programme in Kandy. In addition, Peter Young, our temporary stove tester, left us in June to work in UN refugee camps in Somalia. Part of the work he did is the basis of the first in a new series of Technical Papers, a copy of which you should receive with this issue of Boiling Point. Our next Technical Paper will deal with optimization of the Indonesian Mein Chong stove.

Ali, our technician, is continuing to make mud/clay samples and testing them on the thermal cycling rig built by Peter. Jon Loose and Jenny Trussell have continued work on ceramic samples testing (see Richard Chaplin's article, page 3, on this subject).

Jon has also embarked on a series of tests on 5 ceramic stoves. Results for the first stove, the Magan Chula, are summarized on page l5 . Initial results for the ITDG double-skin ceramic stove have given PHU2 values of 30%.

Stephen Joseph paid a second visit to Kenya in June, as a result of which the ITDG Stoves Project is now officially collaborating with the Kenyan Ministry of Energy's stove programme. At the time of writing, he is in fact in Kenya again, together with Bill Stewart who will remain for several weeks after Stephen leaves. While he is in Nairobi Stephen hopes to participate in an IDRC Workshop on Fuelwood Energy.

Stephen will leave Kenya for a consultancy visit to Nepal, to evaluate the progress of the FAO/RECAST pilot stove programme. Since this visit was planned, the news from Nepal is that demand for the new stoves exceeds supply.


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Yvonne Shanahan attended thereto Forum at Marseille organised by GRET - GERES, and contributed- to a draft field test procedure' and development of a strategy for the large scale: dissemination of stoves. One 'result of this Forum is a VITA Workshop meeting planned for December on performance evaluation for improved, fuel-conserving stoves, which Stephen and Yvonne hope to be attending. It is intended that a document on test methodologies is prepared as a result of the workshop, to be published and widely disseminated.

Yvonne is to make a consultancy visit to the Gambia, to help launch the National Stoves Programme.

Jenny Trussell has been making the ceramic stoves for the testwork programme, preparing training materials, and a display poster for the September 'BIOMASS' conference in Berlin at which Stephen presented a poster paper.

Mr P. M. Chiplonkar, (working for the Indo-German Dhauladhar Project, Palampur, India), spent two weeks at Shinfield on a training course to cover areas of the Stoves Project relevant to his own work. Mr Chiplonkar has contributed an article on his experiences of stoves extension work (This page)