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Briquettes - Briquetting - Briquette Stoves

During last year the editor received several long articles, both technical and socio-economic, about biomass briquettes, briquetting and briquette stoves. There are clear signs of a redigence of interest in this subject as research carried out on the production and properties of briquettes over recent years begins to show positive results. More attention is also being paid to the potential demand andi marketability of briquettes and of cheap efficient stoves to burn them. Sustainable sources of suitable biomass residues are being investigated and small scale, local briquette production methods are being developed to suit the different materials and briquette uses.

Some of the briquetting processes being developed both in Africa and Asia and reported here involve expensive power machinery and arc for relatively large scale production. ITDG is continuing its investigations into processes more suitable for smaller scale, less capital intensive methods.

To make the developments more widely known to our readers, the UK Overseas Development Administration has funded the procluction of this special edition of Boiling Point and we will publish any suitable new material we receive in our future editions.