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This comprehensive manual on animal traction was prepared by a French organization specializing in research and development in tropical agriculture. It discusses the animals, tools, and techniques used~in various parts of Africa and contains sections on the development of rural handicrafts (artisan support; village industry) and the economics of mechanization. Information on selection and use of equipment will be of special interest to Volunteers working in dry or irrigated regions or in programs where animal-powered sowing, harvesting, and transportation is practiced.

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Handbook for animal traction extension agents. This is the written complement to CEEMAT's course in animal traction. It was originally published for use by extension agents in Niger, serving as both a course guide (during formal training) and a field handbook. It was then expanded for use in other countries, particularly those in tropical Africa.

It consists of a 130-page text and a separate 65-page book of sketches, drawings, and diagrams. Subjects include animal power, husbandry, harness, plowing, plow adjustments, cultivating, seeding, weeding, ridging, crop protection, harvesting, transportation (grain) and water-lifting, equipment assembly and maintenance, rehammering of plowshares, and a section on teaching these techniques to farmers and other extension personnel.

Highly recommended. Available in French only.

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The manual explains and illustrates the fundamentals of animal traction technology as was being introduced in Benin, West Africa. It is intended as a guide for Beninese extension agents who are working with farmers using draft animals and equipment for the first time. It is very clearly written and illustrated and will be of interest and value to Frenchspeaking Volunteers.

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Twenty-six titles have been published in this series, designed as handbooks for a two-year intermediate-level agricultural education and training course. They may be purchased as a set or as individual documents.

First Year

1. The plant: the living plant, the root

2. The plant: the stem, the buds, the leaves

3. The plant: the flower

4. The soil: how the soil is made up

5. The soil: how to conserve the soil

6. The soil: how to improve the soil

7. Crop farming

8. Animal husbandry; feeding and care of animals

9. Animal husbandry: animal diseases: how animals reproduce

Second Year

10. The farm business survey

11. Cattle breeding

12. Sheep and goat breeding

13. Keeping chickens

14. Farming with animal power

15. Cereals

16. Roots and tubers

17. Groundnuts

18. Bananas

19. Market gardening

20. Upland rice

21. Wet paddy or swamp grass

22. Cocoa

23. Coffee

24. The oil palm

25. The rubber tree

26. The modern farm business

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articles on the design and application of tools. For example, the section titled "The Continuing Role of Draft Animals" includes (1) catalogued subsections on plows, harrows, ridgers, cultivators; (2) address lists of North American harnessmakers, wagon makers and wheelwrights, blacksmith equipment suppliers, draft horse publications, draft horse workshops; (3) articles titled: "Farming with Horse Power," Power for Field Work," "Thoughts of a Designer of Animal-Drawn Equipment," "The Efficient Use of Animal Power." Major sections are as follows: Tools for Cultivating, Continuing Role of Draft Animals, Tractors, Equipment for Seeding and Planting, Harvesting Equipment, Cleaning Grains and Seeds, Processing Equipment, Tools for Adding Organic Materials to the Soil, Woodlot and Orchard Management, Livestock Equipment, Tools for Fishfarming.

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This is a documented field study of the hand-, animal and engine-powered farm technology used in Africa today. The concept of mechanization and the impact of agricultural change is viewed through case studies made in 19 African countries. The studies become the basis for an index of recommendations and guidelines which could help extension Volunteers identify problems and develop solutions related to animal traction technology. The bibliography is extremely thorough. It cites the major references on agricultural mechanization in equatorial Africa and uses a "key word" annotation system to specify subject material.

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