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6. Hitches

A hitch is the connection between the power and the load. Hitches to field implements are made by hooking a chain from a yoke Or swingtree to a ring or hole on the implement. Hitches to vehicles are made the same way, but involve connection of steering systems (wagon shaft and lines) and braking systems (britching) as well, so that the "hitch" is really a combination of hitches.

In a broad sense, a hitch is an arrangement of equipment and animals that will supply adequate, efficient power for a particular job. A four-horse plow hitch is a unit designed for pulling a large plow through very heavy soil. A fourhorse wagon hitch is a unit designed for pulling a wagon, but if the wagon has no brakes, the hitch necessarily includes gear which performs this important function.

Both implement and vehicle hitches are discussed in this chapter, with attention given to common types within each group. Types are identified according to the system used to transfer and connect power to the load, and by the number of animals in the hitch.