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Appendix B - Technical I.C.E. manuals and reprints useful to agricultural extensionists

(Available through Peace Corps, Information Collection & Exchange, 806 Connecticut Avenue, NW. Washington, D.C., 20525 USA).


M 16

Freshwater Fish and Pond Culture and Management, 191 pages.

M 2

Small Farm Grain Storage, 560 pages.

M 3a

Resources for Development, 202 pages.

M 4

The Photonovel: A Tool for Development, 105 pages.

M 5

Reforestation in Arid Lands, 248 pages. (French version also).

M 6

Self-Help Construction of 1-Story Buildings, 235 pages.

M 7

Teaching Conservation in Developing Countries, 251 pages.

M 10

Preserving Food by Drying: A Math-Science Teaching Manual, 150 pages.

M 11

Practical Poultry Raising, 225 pages.

M 12

Animal Traction, 244 pages.

M 13

Traditional Field Crops, 386 pages


R 2

Visual Aids, 21 pages.

R 4

Agricultural Mathematics for Peace Corps Volunteers, 96 pages.

R 5

Irrigation Principles and Practices, 112 pages.

R 6

Crop Production Handbook, 147 pages.

R 7

Improved Practices in Corn Production, 44 pages.

R 8

Soils, Crops and Fertilizer Use, 103 pages.

R 9

Glossary of Agriculture Terms: Spanish/English, 107 pages.

R 10

Guide for Field Crops in the Tropics and Subtropics, 321 pages.

R 14

Guidelines for Development of a Home Industry, 59 pages.

R 15/15a

Utilization and Construction of Pit Silos, 41 pages.

R 17

Glossary of Evironmental Terms: Spanish/English, 202 pages

R 18

Manual Didactico: Huertos Escolares y Nutricion (School Garden & Nutrition), 132 pages.

R 23a

Accounting for the Micro-Business: A Teaching Manual, 76 pages.

R 25

Intensive Vegetable Gardening for Profit and Self Sufficiency, 159 pages.

R 28

Glossary of Agricultural Terms: French/English, 59 pages.

R 30

New Methods Pay With Poultry, 30 pages.

R 31

Orchard Management, 108 pages.

R 32

Lesson Plans for Beekeeping, 62 pages

R 33

Bamboo As a Building Material, 52 pages.

R 35

How To Make Tools, 51 pages.

R 36

Remote Areas Development Manual, 546 pages.

R 39

Homemaking Handbook, 237 pages.

R 40

Rice Production, 107 pages.


P 2

Pesticide Safety

P 4

Small Vegetable Gardens

P 5


P 6

Small Animal Production

P 8

Audio-Visual/Communication Teaching Aids


CS 3

Forestry Case Studies


Distributors of I.C.E. materials for non-PC requestors:

Peace Corps

NTIS National Technical Information


5285 Port Royal

Springfield, Va 22161 USA

Volunteers in Technical Assistance

3706 Phode Island Avenue

Mt. Rainier, Maryland 20811 USA

P.D. Press

4419 39 Street, NW

Washington, D.C. 20016 USA

TransCentury Press

1789 Columbia Road, NW

Washington, D.C. 20009

There are many other sources of information on Agricultural Extension and related subjects. US AID, USDA, State Cooperative Extension services and local county extension services are examples in the United States. Host country extension services, the World Bank, UNDP and other development agencies may also be sources of information.