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View the document Session 1: Describing the problem
View the document Session 2: Writing project goals and objectives
View the document Session 3: Choosing project activities
View the document Session 4: Developing a project work plan
View the document Session 5: Planning how to evaluate
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Unit 4: Planning nutrition action projects

SESSION 1: Describing the Problem

SESSION 2: Writing Project Goals and Objectives

SESSION 3: Choosing Project Activities

SESSION 4: Developing a Project Work Plan

SESSION 5: Planning How to Evaluate

SESSION 6: Preparing a Budget

Note: Introduce this unit on Planning Nutrition Action Projects by reviewing the chart on the next page. This chart can be made into a handout or it can be drawn on the flipchart or chalkboard.

The steps in project planning are the same whether you are planning a project or activity with one community or with many communities, or whether you are requesting approval and funding for these activities from your organization or funding from outside donor agencies.


Analyzing the Problem

Writing Goals and Objectives

Choosing Project Activities


Planing How To Evaluate

Developing a Work Plan