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View the document Aquaculture Technology Research For Smallholder Farmers In Rural Malawi
View the document Low-Input Technologies For Rural Aquaculture Development In Bangladesh
View the document Hungarian Integrated Aquaculture Practices
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View the document Cryopreservation Of Sperm Of The Mekong Giant Catfish, Pangasianodon Gigas Chevey
View the document Propagation Of Mahseer In The Himalayan Waters Of Nepal
View the document Integrated Aquaculture System: Tilapia, Crocodiles, And Rice Culture
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View the document Effect Of Varying Levels Of Sulfate Concentration In Saline Waters On Fish Yield
View the document Feeding Value Of Fresh Perennial Leguminous Shrub Leaves To Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis Niloticus L.)
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View the document Applications Of Dna Fingerprints In Fish Genetics For Species Determination And Conservation Of Indigenous Tilapiine Genetic Resources In Zimbabwe
View the document Genetic Profiles Of Pure Strains Of Cultivable Cichlid Species In Nigeria And The Identification Of Premium Quality Broodstock And Fry
View the document Sex Heredity Of Tilapia Hybrids From Stable Female Line Parents
View the document Identification And Conservation Of Indigenous Tilapiine Genetic Resources Of Zimbabwe
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View the document Ecological Changes In Lake Victoria After The Invasion Of Nile Perch (La Tes Niloticus):The Catchment, Water Quality,And Fisheries Management
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View the document Schistosomiasis: An Immunological Disease
View the document Anti-Embryonation Immunity As A Granuloma Modulating Mechanism In Schistosomiasis Caused By Schistosoma Japonicum
View the document Identification And Localization Of Surface Antigens In Adult Schistosoma Japonicum And Schistosoma Mekongi
View the document Human Immune Responses During Infection With Schistosoma Haematobium: Cell Mediated Immunity
close this folder Epidemiology and Biology
View the document Epidemiology And Control Of Schistosomiasis In The Philippines: A Review
View the document Aspects Of The Epidemiology Of Schistosoma Haematobium In Morocco
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View the document Thiara (Tarebia) Granifera (Lamarck): An Agent For Biological Control Of Biomphalaria
View the document Controlling Transmission Of Schistosomiasis Using Phytolacca Dodecandra (L'herit) Berries In Zimbabwe
View the document Testing Of Echinostoma Liei As A Biocontrol Agent Against Schistosoma Mansoni Under Simulated Natural Conditions In Egypt
View the document Control Of Natural Populations Of Schistosome-Transmitting Snails By The Crayfish, Procambarus Clarkii In Temporary Man-Made Ponds In Kenya
View the document Procambarus Clarkii In Kenya: Does It Have A Role To Play In The Control Of Schistosomiasis?
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Presentation: Schistosomiasis