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Section IV - Resources

The resource section is provided to supplement the AIDS Resource Manual. If you need more information, materials, or want to enlist the assistance of others who work in the fight-against AIDS, this section provides some suggestions.

Three sources of additional information are listed:

• AIDS Division, Communicable Disease Control Department, Ministry of Public Health

• Communicable Disease Control Offices

• Provincial Health Office

• Peace Corps Volunteers working in the AIDS prevention and control program.

• Materials available in the Peace Corps Office in Bangkok

• NGOs and other Organizations

The flow chart, "Making the Right Contacts," is provided to help you contact the appropriate sources as you plan and follow up on your AIDS activity.


A. Peace Corps Volunteers assigned to the Ministry of Public Health, AIDS Division, Office of Communicable Disease Control.

AIDS Volunteers may be able to help you in a variety of ways. Check with the health office at Peace Corps Headquarters for a list of current volunteers and their site assignments.

B. Peace Corps Headquarters, Bangkok: AIDS Section in the Library.

1. Audio and video tapes: soap operas, cartoons, clinical instruction, et. al.

2. "Education" folder:

Into Adolescence: Learning about AIDS, a fairly sophisticated series of lessons with scripts, work-sheets, glossary - all exploring myths and truths about AIDS and addressing AIDS related social problems.

The TEFL Resource Manual. AIDS Education is officially part of the TEFL agenda.

Let's Talk About AIDS - An Information and Activities Book, 8 pages of games, activities, etc., in English and Thai.

AIDS Answers for Teens. Grades 7 -12, a fairly comprehensive manual for teaching AIDS to teenagers. Participatory learning techniques are stressed. In English and Thai.

Education to Prevent AIDS/STDs in the Pacific. A Teaching Guide for Secondary Schools, World Health Organization and UNESCO, 1989, 109 pages, 13 lessons. Table of Contents includes: "Purpose," "Teaching Materials," "HIV Antibody Positive - What Next?," "Cultural/Personal/Community Values about Sexual Expression and HIV/AIDS," "How to Say 'No'," "Talking to Parents about STD and AIDS," and others.

Little Deer, a Thai children's book about how children worry about AIDS because they don't understand that you can't get it from normal activities. An important message for children through at least B3. A good teaching tool at teachers' workshops, or as a script or idea for a skit.

• and more…

3. "Brochure" folder:

• Samples of Thai language brochures, pamphlets, booklets, etc., ranging from the very sophisticated, often quite technical, to the very simple outline format, with short sentences.

• "AIDS & Pregnancy-Is Your Unborn Baby at Risk?", Sarasota County Department of Health, Florida

• Cards/calendars: "AIDS Safety Tips," in English and Thai, sponsored by PDA and other organizations. Everyone should carry several as cue cards and to give to friends, co-workers, etc. Available on request from Peace Corps Librarian.

• "When a Friend Has AIDS," distributed by Impact AIDS, Inc., San Francisco, California.

4. "Newsclippings" folders/book

• "A Plague Awaits," New York Times Magazine, 1991. A fairly hard-hitting article on the AIDS pandemic in Thailand and The Royal Thai Government response.

• Many articles which address all facets of the AIDS story: education, condoms, orphans, economic implications, prostitution, prejudice, treatments, statistics, etc.

5. "Lesson Plans" folder:

Plans for conducting training sessions, seminars and classes on AIDS. Two components of AIDS Education are stressed: information and behavior modification.

6. Games and Activities:

• "The AIDS Box," a compendium of games and activities, created and collected by PCV Kelly Nelson, for use in schools. The ideas can be adapted for sessions on the environment, social issues, etc. Look it over and make your own.

• "Life Should Be," a play by PCV Everett Briggs, in English and Thai, for use in schools and at community gatherings.

• Ohio Public Schools AIDS Game Folder, tests, worksheets, discussion questions, attitude surveys, role playing.

• "AIDS for Teens" with Stop AIDS Game.

C. NGOs and other Organizations.

Many can help you with information and materials. There is a complete list of NGOs working on AIDS in the Peace Corps Library. Be sure to check NGOs working in your region. Your Salaklang Changwat (Provincial Capital) may have a current list.

Please use caution in contacting NGOs in Bangkok unless they are referenced here. The AIDS Division Peace Corps Volunteers are in touch with these organizations and, unless they are referenced here, they may not be set up to answer your inquires or give you materials.

When contacting NGOs for information or materials, you will have greater success if you approach the organizations with specific requests, a plan of action. Few organizations will be impressed by or be able to offer substantive assistance to, "I want to do an AIDS project in my village/school, please send me what you can."

The information exchange between NGOs and you is a two-way street. Be sure to give feedback on the help and materials these organizations give you and thank them for their assistance.


AIDS Education and Health Promotion Materials Exchange

Center for Asia and the Pacific (AIDSED Center)

Darakarn Building

920 Sukhumvit Road

Bangkok 10110

Tel: 391-0577 ext. 127

Contact: Dr. Anwar Ali Khan, Chief, Regional Advisory Team on Population Education. The AIDSED Center has a wealth of materials: books, posters, tapes, etc. Check the UNESCO catalogs at the Peace Corps Library before you trek out to the WHO/UNESCO office building.

2. ASIN (Association for Strengthening integrated National Population and Health Development Activities in Thailand)

101 Prapinkao Nakhonchaisri Road

Talingchan, Bangkok 10170

Tel: 448 6462

Contact: Dr. Jumroon Mikhanorn, Secretary General. ASIN has a program on AIDS and the work place. Visit the ASIN (free) Library which is well stocked with printed materials as well as audio and video tapes. ASIN has a Community Care Project for PWAs (Persons with AIDS) in Lampang.

3. PDA (Population and Community Development Association)

8 Sukhumvit 12

Bangkok 10110

Tel: 256 0080

Contact: AIDS Prevention and Information Bureau. PDA is Thailand's largest NGO. It is involved in development projects addressing many issues: health, agriculture, small business management, community development, etc. PDA has led the private sector in Thailand's war on AIDS. When in Bangkok, visit the PDA Headquarters, with its unique restaurant, "Cabbages and Condoms", on the ground floor. The PDA owned and managed village craft shop, on the second floor of Sukhumvit Plaza, sells family planning and AIDS items, e.g., Tshirts, key rings, condom flowers as well as village crafts.

Before approaching PDA Bangkok, be advised that PDA has branch offices in many provinces. These branch offices often service a large area (6-8 provinces), and can give you the same materials you would find at the Sukhumvit headquarters building, with the added advantage of more personalized and quicker service. It is recommended that you actually visit the office nearest you.

Check the PDA branch offices in the Amphur Muang of the following provinces:

Chiengrai 57000, Tel: (053) 713-410

Phitsanuloke 65000, Tel: (055) 259-319

Nakhonratchasima 30000, Tel:(044) 258-100-2

Mahasarakham 44000, Tel: (043) 711 060.

And in the following locations:

Wieng Pa Pao, Chiengrai 57170

Nang Rong, Burirum 31110, Tel: (044) 612-119

Puthaisong, Burirum 31120, Tel: (044) 689-120

Chakaraj, Nakhonratchasima 30230 Tel: (044) 399-168

Pak Chong, Nakhonratchasima 30130 Tel: (044) 258-100-2

Ban Pie, Khon Kaen 40110, Tel: (043) 242-032

Kao Khor, Phetchaboon 67110, Tel: (056) 701-520

Sangkla, Surin 32150, Tel: (044) 571-045

Aranyaprated, Prachinburi 25120, Tel: (037) 231-313

4. Thai Red Cross Society

Rama IV Road

Bangkok 10330

Tel: 256-4107-8

Contact: Professor Dr. Praphan Phanuphak, Director. Check your regional Red Cross Offices also. The Thai Red Cross provide some posters and brochures. The Thai Red Cross has also sponsored the Thai version of the very clever/popular video, "Street Kids," copies of which can be obtained at the Peace Corps Library.

The Thai Red Cross Society is recommended as the most professional/confidential of various HIV testing/anonymous counselling clinics.


Whether you wish to plan a Train the Trainer workshop or a Student AIDS Day activity, it is helpful to make the right contacts. This outline may help you contact the right sources. Always begin with contacts in your own Amphur or Changwat. Work with your co-worker on all phases of the process.

This outline may help you contact the right sources