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Session 4: Scheduling training content


Using the training objectives developed during Session 2, participants identify and sequence training topics and activities to complete a schedule for the three-day training seminar .

Time: 2 hours

Materials :

- Handout - "Planning Training Content"

- Handout - "Training Schedule"

- Flipchart and marking pens


Copy worksheets and make sure flipcharts, markers and tape are available.


1. Introduction: Distribute the Handout - "Planning Training Content. " Trainees will work in the same small groups formed in Session 2.

2. Selecting Topics and Activities: Instruct small groups to begin by writing one of the training objectives they agreed to in Session 2 in the first column on the handout. In the next column, they should list the topics or information that should be included in the training to make sure that this objective is achieved. In the final column, groups should describe the training activities that they will use to teach and reinforce the required skills.

Groups should continue until they have listed all of their training objectives, the topics and the activities that might be included in their three-day program. Remind them that training content should be realistic. When the groups finish this exercise, have them review their lists. Encourage them to eliminate and/or combine topics until they have a realistic list.

3. Sequencing Topics and Activities: Once groups agree on their training topics and activities, ask them to assign each topic and each activity a number that indicates its order in the training sequence.

4. Scheduling: Distribute the Handout - "Training Schedule. " Ask groups to transfer their topics and activities in the correct order to the blank training schedule and/or to three pieces of newsprint headed Day 1, Day 2, Day 3. While doing this, groups will need to think about the amount of time that should be devoted to each topic and activity. Remind groups that they should include enough time for warm-up exercises, orientation to the workshop and any other non-nutrition topics. They should also leave some time in the schedule to deal with participants' questions and needs.

This is a preliminary schedule. Once groups begin to talk about training methodologies in greater detail, they will want to make changes in the schedule.

5. Is the Training Plan Realistic?: When groups finish their schedules, ask them to ask themselves the following questions:

- Is our plan realistic?

- Are we trying to cover too much/too little in the time available?

- Will the topics and activities listed meet our objectives for the training?

- Have we included unnecessary topics?

- Are there topics other than those listed that we should include?

6. Presentation of Plans: Have small groups present their training objectives and schedules to the entire group. Make sure to emphasize that there is no such thing as a perfect training schedule. Each group, and each project, will develop its own plan according to its understanding of the training needs and the resources available.

7. Summary: Review again the steps in planning training content, pointing out to participants that they have now completed steps one, two, three and four of the planning process. They have (1) assessed the training need by looking at the job description and a statement about the knowledge and skills of trainees; (2) they wrote objectives for a three-day training activity; (3) they chose training content; and (4) they developed a tentative training schedule.






















To practice planning and presenting a training session.

Time: 1 hour to prepare one session plan


- Handout - "Session Plan"

- Flipchart and marking pens


1. Introduction: Distribute the Handout - "Session Plan," and begin by telling participants that a session plan is the tool used by the trainer to prepare for the presentation of information and activities during a session.

Review the items asked for on the Handout - "Session Plan," explaining the meaning of each item.

2. Preparing a Session Plan: Assign topics, or ask each group to choose one (or more) of the session topics they included in their training schedule.

Groups should complete at least one session plan with as much detail as possible and prepare to present the plan to the entire group.

3. Presentations: Groups present their session plans for discussion and suggestions. If time permits, you may want them to practice delivering the sessions to the group as if it were made up of the potential trainees.

4. Evaluation: Discuss the techniques for evaluating training sessions and training workshops. Help groups define measurable indicators or standards of performance for their sessions. Demonstrate how behavioral training objectives lead to a logical evaluation plan for a training activity.

5. Summary: Review the steps in planning training activities:

- Assessing the need for training

- Writing training objectives

- Choosing training methods and content

- Preparing a schedule

- Preparing session plans

- Planning how to evaluate trainee knowledge and skills

Remind participants that this framework can be used to plan almost any type of training program.

Note: Trainees have now completed, as a group, a training plan for one activity. If time permits, or workshop objectives call for participants to develop training plans for their own projects, you may want to base the entire exercise on an actual training need.

We did exactly this during workshops in Nepal and Indonesia, where management trainees planned and subsequently conducted training for field workers and village nutrition volunteers.



Topic or Activity:

Length of Session:


Important Information to Include:

Steps: (Develop a step-by-step plan of how you will conduct the session. Describe all activities, exercises and training methods.)

Evaluation: ( How will you know if the trainees have learned what you wanted them to learn?)