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Session 4: Evaluating activities with the community


Trainees practice facilitating the evaluation of nutrition action projects with members of the community.

Time: 1 hour


Prepare three sets of role play cards: one for a group of 4-5 project facilitators, another for 4-5 observers and the other for the community members (the rest of the participants).

- Facilitators - The facilitators' role is to help the community members assess whether they have been able to carry out the activities planned, whether they reached the people they wanted to reach with these activities and whether there has been any change in nutrition status of young children as a result. (Do not forget to ask "why not?" if the answer is no.) Facilitators should use the information about the project from Sessions 1 and 3, remembering that their goal is for the community to identify problems, causes, possible solutions and courses of action.

- Community Members - Most community members know that their nutrition workers have been weighing children and visiting mothers. The community has been asked several times to contribute to the weaning food component of the project. They are satisfied with the work, but several do not understand why they should keep making contributions to help people who are too lazy to help themselves. One man is upset because his wife is spending too much time out of the home and not earning anything for what she is doing, etc. The nutrition volunteers are part of this group as well.

- Observers - The observers will note how the facilitators present themselves in the meeting and what materials they use to help the community members understand what has happened with the nutrition situation since they started with their project. Observers should note whether facilitators dominate or facilitate a discussion. What might the facilitators do differently?


1. Explain that you will conduct a "mock" project evaluation meeting with members of the community.

2. Divide into three groups, assigning and explaining the roles of each group.

3. Give the groups 10-15 minutes to prepare for the role play, then begin.

4. When you have finished (15 minutes maximum) have representatives from each group comment on how they thought the evaluation meeting went. Ask: "Did the facilitators succeed in reaching their goals? How do you think the community members responded when asked to evaluate their own efforts? What did facilitators do to promote the participation of the community? What would you (facilitators) do differently the next time?"

Summarize the lesson and the unit.