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L. Preparation for construction

Once you have decided how to sink the well and what materials to use, you need to organize and prepare for the construction.

1. Workers

It is best if local laborers perform as much of the work as they are capable of performing without spending too much time in training. This will allow them to better understand the well, its construction, and later maintenance needs.

With any laborers it should be very clearly established before construction begins who is expected to do what, how long is should take, and what quality the end product should be. Any later misunderstandings can be more easily cleared up if an initial understanding was agreed to by all parties.

Consider the following questions concerning the workers:

• What skills are required?

• Will the workers require training?

• If so, how much training?

• How many workers are needed?

• How long will their services be needed?

• Will they volunteer their work or will they be paid?

NOTE: While you can be of assistance, it is important to let the community set their own goals.

2. Materials

Before the construction begins, it is helpful to have at the well site as many of the tools, equipment, and supplies as you think will be necessary to complete the job. This prior organization will facilitate the day-to-day operation. If large quantities of supplies will need to be stored at the site (such as the sand and gravel for concrete) , the storage site should be decided on beforehand so as not to interfere with later work. If theft is a serious problem, workers may have to take turns guarding the construction site at night.