Rāpopoto reo Pākehā
Pukapuka 2, Nama 11

pp.43-44 Editorial discussion of Maori inquiries about the arrival of the new Governor to buy land so that debts for Pakeha goods may be settled, and about his knowledge of past proceedings in the country. Request from the Editor for Maori who live at a distance from the new Governor to write, and for those who live closer to visit him directly, dressed in Pakeha clothing.
pp.44-45 A meeting of people
Discussion of the benefits of European religion and knowledge. Description of the scene at sunrise beside the Waimā River in the Hokianga to introduce the discussion of the commission of Warena and the local people.
Gives comparison between Pai Maori [Good Maori] and Aru Pakeha [Zealous Pakeha] as an introduction to a discussion of the newspaper's view of Maori practices contrasted with Pakeha practices. Continued in Vol. 3, No. 6:29-30.
pp.45-46 Letters to the Editor
From Te Tangata i Tinihangatia nei, e nga Kaihoko [The Person Cheated by the Traders], Auckland
Complains that he paid two shillings for two kits of potatoes but discovered that the kits were mostly full of turnips.
Response from the Editor in agreement for prosecution.
p.46 Note from the Editor that he does not always wish to publish original compositions because the words are not always appropriate.
From [?], Hokianga
A rhymed waiata [song].
From Te Peri, about the escape of Rīhari, a.k.a. Ngā Kūkū, with reward offered.
From Hēmi of Whakatīwai, Kaipara, Mori and Mitihona of Auckland, requesting the return of the cargo taken from their ship at Pakarua, Kaipara. States that charges will be laid against those found in possession of the goods.