Matariki 1881
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The saviour in a dying land

Editorial discussing benefits promised to Maori by a lawyer [William Lee Rees] for administering their land, which have not eventuated.  Cites as examples the case of Paaka [Parker] and Makitanara [MacDonald], the Whataupoko land block debacle.  Questions the ethics of lawyers' charges for administration of Maori land and asserts that 60,000 pounds charged for one block, had gone up in smoke.  Names other land blocks where Maori had suffered similar detrimental effects.  Questions the unnamed lawyer's ability to be a trustee for Maori land.

A trustee for the trustees

Discusses the role of a trustee and advises against the establishment of landholding companies.  Advises about the authority of government to purchase Maori land and the untrustworthiness of land-grabbers.


A story for children about a minister who becomes a lawyer to represent Maori in land deals.

A story.  The doctor and the oysters

An entertaining story about a doctor, his trainee and the result of possible ways to diagnose a patient's illness.

To all the Maori people of this land

Notice of the Supreme Court judgement regarding the case between Tareha Te Moananui and Te Riihi [William Lee Rees].

Notice from H.J.Wiini, lawyer, Gisborne, on behalf of Perihiwa Paaka to Wiremu Rii Riihi [William Lee Rees], Wiremu Pere and Riperata Kahutia, that land registered as 13175 is for sale.

To our Maori friends of the East Coast

Notice from Panera and Paerana, Gisborne, goods for sale.

The sale of Whataupoko

Notice from H.J.Wiini, lawyer, that the Whataupoko land block is available for sale.