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These Proceedings contain papers by Computer Science graduate students from all over New Zealand and overseas who participated in the 5th NZ Computer Science Research Student Conference (NZCSRSC '07), April 10-13th, 2007, at the Waikato University Marae in Hamilton.

The conference was organised by a group of postgraduate students with support from a few academic and other staff members. With 50 submissions and 70 participants this is by far the largest NZCSRSC held so far. A novel student-driven peer review process was adopted: each submission was reviewed by three other students who had also submitted papers. Juggling this fairly complicated process and putting all submissions together into an interesting conference program and these Proceedings was capably accomplished by Program Chairs Judy Bowen, Stefan Mutter and Andrea Schweer.

Conference organisers have been lucky to attract four renowned keynote speakers, who came at their own expense and spent hours answering students’ questions: Tyrone McAuley from Sidhe in Wellington, Craig Nevill-Manning from Google in New York, Ian Foster from the University of Chicago and Nigel Scott from Park Road Post in Wellington. Fruitful discussions took place in a panel on Where to head off once graduated, a tutorial session on How to successfully complete a research degree, and the Suits’N’Geeks networking event sponsored and organised by WaikatoLink, where NZ industry representatives chatted with NZ graduate students.

The academic program was accompanied by many less formal events on Te Kohinga Mārama Marae. The social program, enthusiastically organised by Sam Bartels, Marian McPherson, Veronica Liesaputra, Scott Raynel and Te Taka Keegan, included a traditional Maori welcome, the Kawa Powhiri, followed by a Hangi dinner on the first evening, a relaxed BBQ at the mineral waters of the Waingaro Hot Springs, and a Hakere or ceremonial feast to finish off the conference and send guests away with full bellies.

Huge efforts have been put into this conference by all members of the organising team, including (not mentioned above): Rob Akscyn, Reynaldo Giganto, Kathryn Hempstalk, Annika Hinze, Anna Huang, Ian McDonald, David Milne and Gottfried Vossen from the University of Waikato; Craig Anslow and Sergio Hernandez from the University of Victoria; Phil McLeod from the University of Otago; Guy Kloss and Natalia Nehring from Massey University at Albany; Alan McKinnon from Lincoln University; Nick Hay and Carl Schulz from the University of Auckland; Tim Bell, Richard Green and Amali Weeransinghe from the University of Canterbury; and the multitude of other contributors.

Last but not least we would like to thank our supporters and sponsors, without whom this conference could not have taken place. In particular, Ian H. Witten was initiator of the whole idea and a consistent mentor for the student organisers. Mark Apperley, Dean of the School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences of the University of Waikato, enthusiastically offered support right from the very beginning and covered most of the cost from School funds. The Waikato Department of Computer Science offered to sponsor the attendance of all its students and staff members, and fully supported the local organisers, many of whom had to put their PhDs on hold. We are also grateful to our industry sponsors: DL Consulting, Endace, WaikatoLink, and Google Inc.

Olena Medelyan
April 2007

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