Re: [greenstone-users] bib1->dublin core mapping

From Don Gourley
DateWed, 6 Jun 2007 09:54:48 -0400 (EDT)
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] bib1->dublin core mapping
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The bib1_to_dces.cfg file is used to map bib1 attribute codes
to metadata elements. It can be placed in the etc folder for
each collection and/or for the whole Greenstone instance. the
format is "code metadata\n". For example, if you have an
element named "Title", you would have a line like:

4 Title

Note that find commands without an attribute spec, such as
"find nitk", should still work without the bib1_to_dces.cfg
file and return records if they contain the search form.
The scan command also doesn't depend on bib1_to_dces.cfg
but is, as far as I can tell, broken in the GSDL z3950 server.

If you aren't getting records returned for searches without
an attribute spec maybe you didn't build your collections
with MGPP? This is required for the z3950 server and if you
don't you will see a message like this when the server starts:

Warning: Did not find indexfieldmap in build.cfg for demo


On Wed, June 6, 2007 2:01 am, rajat mahajan wrote:
> 11:30:43-06/06 [server] Starting server z3950server.exe
> 11:30:43-06/06 [server] Adding dynamic listener on tcp:@:9999 id=0
> Entering bend_init
> Starting Z39.50 Server ...
> Z3950Server: gsdlhome = C:\Program Files\Greenstone
> Constructing set list server
> Server constructed
> Initialised server: return status = 1
> Unable to find bib1->dublin core mapping for demo
> Looked for:
> C:\Program Files\Greenstone/collect/demo/etc/bib1_to_dces.cfg
> C:\Program Files\Greenstone/etc/bib1_to_dces.cfg
> Unable to find bib1->dublin core mapping for nitk
> 11:31:16-06/06 [request] Init OK - ID:81 Name:YAZ Version:2.1.4 WIN32
> Release
> This is the output of the z3950 server when it is connected with the yaz
> client. All other commands except scan works but no. of records returned are
> 0. and when scan is given in client the server breaks down.
> i am working on windows having greenstone version 2.72
> Please give me some way to come out of this...
> Thanks and Regards.
> Rajat Mahajan.
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