[greenstone-users] how to build Application which can search , get and manage the Object in GSDL remote

From feng wang
DateTue Jan 29 06:51:59 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] how to build Application which can search , get and manage the Object in GSDL remote
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thanks for your Answer!

But i have still some questions that i didn't get the right Answer.
i have installed the version GSDL 3 instead of 2,8. Thus i checked the page about the Remote Greenstone 3 and tried to change the Options for it.

But i stopped at the steps from 2 to 5
For the CGI-executable of Servlet i have deleted the <!-- ...--> Set for CGI Servlet to enable the the Servlet and added the parament
in the Servlet. Then start the tomcat/GSDL again.

But i got the err page now. And the Remote Function doesn't work.
i have changed the gsdl3site.cfg file for
gsdl3srchome /opt/Greenstone3
gsdlhome /opt/Greenstone3/gs2build
because i installed the GSDL3 under /opt/Greenstone3.
Please help me!
I didn't find the gliserver.pl file or the order cgi-bin.
Should i study the "greenstone3/web/WEB-INF/cgi/gliserver4gs3.pl" instead the gliserver.pl file. I think it's the right one for GSDL3

Feng Wang

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> Betreff: Re: [greenstone-users] how to build Application which can search , get and manage the Object in GSDL remote

> Hi Feng
> > Hi everyone,
> >
> > I am writing the master thesis about the DLs. My supervisor asks me to
> > write a program that can get the connect remote to the Greenstone
> Server.
> >
> To understand how the remote GLI works, you can start from reading the
> document http://wiki.greenstone.org/wiki/index.php/Remote_Greenstone, and
> then install Greenstone and a stand along GLI application yourself. You
> will get some ideas when trying to connect the GLI to the Greenstone
> server remotely.
> In Greenstone, importing documents and building collections are all done
> by calling Perl scripts. So does the remote GLI. But the remote GLI calls
> the Perl scripts through CGI because of in a network envrionment. Studying
> the GSDLHOME/cgi-bin/gliserver.pl file will help you understand the
> principle of remote communication before starting your implementation.
> > Mainly the GUI should have two functions
> >
> > 1.It can play as one normal user/reader that search and get the Docs
> > remote, just like a browser
> >
> Yes, it can
> > 2. Or it can also work as Admin, that manager the collection remote
> ,like
> > ingest or delete the Docs or Object in GSDL Server and DB by the command
> > from the my GUI Application.
> >
> Yes. Look at the Authentication part of the document for the detail
> > I know the first Requirement is possible. But still how can I implement
> > it(pls, I need some advices too)!
> >
> > But the second one, I do not know, whether it is possible. I do know
> that
> > GSDL has a Admin Interface. And the GUI Program can local manage
> > (add/rename etc?) the object in the Repository of GSDL. How can I
> do it
> > too remote with my GUI? And how can I get the Admin- privilege? The GSDL
> > does not have the API that can support the Function remote.
> >
> > Does someone tell me, whether it is possible! And How? Please help me,
> > because it is very important to me, thanks! please, please help it to
> > me?
> > Regards
> > Feng
> >
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