[greenstone-users] collection' structure : chronological reversed order

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DateTue Jan 29 02:56:37 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] collection' structure : chronological reversed order
Dear Greenstone users & experts,

I'm documentalist at the doCip, a NGO working with / for Indigenous Peoples. We are using GSDL to create our online documentation center. We use Hierarchical classifiers to structure our "Conferences". There are date(year) subfolders inside "Conference" folders (2007 - 2006 & so on.). The hierarchical structure was created like that using one of the metadata fields (no DCdate):
Permanent Forum|2007 Permanent Forum|2006 : Result :
Permanent forum
The question is : there is a possibility to obtained a chronological reverse order in subfolders? So, to "force" reverse order?

Thanks a lot in advance,

Benigno Delgado
documentaliste resp.
doCip Centre de documentation, de recherche
et d'information des Peuples Autochtones
T?l : +41 22 740 34 33
web : http://www.docip.org
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