Re: Mutliple user stylesheets - please read

From Dynal Patel
DateWed, 3 Jul 2002 13:31:51 +0200
Subject Re: Mutliple user stylesheets - please read
In-Reply-To (200206291844-LAA17535-green-ucr-edu)

Just a quick query. I noticed on the greenstone site you have a preferences
page that allows a user to set up presentation and search preferences.
However these setting are not permenant and only last for the session. I am
thinking of creating an extension to greenstone where each user will have a
profile which will contain their personal stylesheet, thus enabling their
perferences to be permanent. However I think with this approach you need a
seperate server to deal with each user. What would I need to change to
accomplish this? Is it possible with the way greenstone is implemented? Any

I would really appreciate any comments