[greenstone-users] Stall in Build Collection

From H.M. Gladney
DateFri, 1 Jun 2007 12:34:28 -0700
Subject [greenstone-users] Stall in Build Collection

A file "incl.item" that was part of a large directory tree successfully gathered using GLI caused a stall during the Build Collection phase.  This file happened to be empty.

The stall is characterized by 100% CPU usage.  The last line in the progress window is "The file Library/incl.item is being processed by PagedImgPlug."

It seems to me that Greenstone should be tolerant of zero-length files, since their existence conveys information.  (For the time being and in the collection of interest, I can delete all such files.)

Cheerio, Henry
H.M. Gladney, Ph.D.  http://home.pacbell.net/hgladney