[greenstone-devel] appropriateness for a land database

From Helen Wong Smith
DateTue, 30 Mar 2004 13:36:39 -1000
Subject [greenstone-devel] appropriateness for a land database



I’m very impressed with the use of Greenstone for the Hawaiian Electronic Library (ulukau.org).  However I’m wondering if Greenstone can be programmed to be both an independent database AND portal to other sources. 


I’ve been assigned the task of developing a database including digitized resources, i.e. leases, photos, etc and existing databases. One existing database is of GIS data compiled and managed by MS’ SQLServer.  The tool I select must allow users to link easily from citations to full-text content.  Is Greenstone appropriate for compiling such data and executing a cross database search?  Looking at some examples from your webpage, it does appear to go beyond searching the individual digitized collections but I wanted to confirm. 


When retrieving data, can Greenstone determine relevance?  Is there an algorithm for this?


I’d like to be able to import MARC records (I have yet to decide if I’ll use MARC or Dublin Core as the base protocol). 


Mahalo for your time and consideration on these questions.



Aloha piha,

Helen Wong Smith, MLIS, CA

Historical/Cultural Specialist

Land Assets Division

Kamehameha Schools



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