[greenstone-users] Gibberish displayed attempting to open library

From H.M. Gladney
DateTue, 5 Jun 2007 20:43:26 -0700
Subject [greenstone-users] Gibberish displayed attempting to open library

I believe that http://www.hgladney.net/gsdl/cgi-bin/library should show a proper Greenstone library instance.  However what appears looks like the printout of a binary file, and is accompanied by the Windows IE message "stack overflow at line: 0".   Could this be another error associated with the largish test files that I am using?  Whatever the answer to that, what's the remedy.

That a library build for "snotest4" has been successful is evidenced by inspecting http://www.hgladney.net/gsdl/collect/snotest4/ and various ".cfg" files there and in http://www.hgladney.net/gsdl/.   (I have inspected "main.cfg", "gsdlsite.cfg", "collect.cfg", and "build.cfg" for snotest4, but see nothing that seems anomalous.)

A related low-priority question is that snotest4's "build.cfg" file indicates "numdocs 19214", even though the input contained approx 75,000 files.  As many of the 75,000 are images, I wonder whether images are not counted as docs, or whether there is some other explanation.  BTW, "build.cfg" also shows "numbytes 124818851" (i.e., suggests approx. 125 Gbytes) as the collection size, but this cannot be correct as it is much larger than the total disk space usage on the machine.  Could this be related to the problem?

Cheerio, Henry