[greenstone-users] Greenstone and library catalog data

From Jewel Makda
DateFri Mar 14 03:55:39 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] Greenstone and library catalog data

Is there anyone out there who is using an Innovative based catalog along
with a Greenstone collection and have merged the two collections
together? To be more specific suppose someone searched your library
catalog for a student theses, it would appear as an entry in the catalog
and link to the Greenstone entry in a collection.

Also, I know Greenstone allows for the creation of multiple collections
but is there a way to search ALL of the collections created across the
board? So far my only experience with Greenstone is creating a few
small collections. I would like to create a collection called "College
of Arts and Sciences" and have it on the home page and then once clicked
on there would be a list of 10 collections within it. Not sure how this
would be done but if anyone can send me link to any documentation that
would be appreciated!


Jewel Makda
Student Computer Services Coordinator
Washburn University School of Law Library