[greenstone-users] From Alejandro Vesga

From John Rose
DateSat Mar 29 22:48:54 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] From Alejandro Vesga
I am forwarding this message for Alejandro Vesga
<biblioteca@shaio.com> whose original message bounced:


I am trying to build a collection based on a
CDS/ISIS database. The DB has close to 700
records, no links no images, it's just a library catalogue.

I created the collection.
Removed DublinCore
Added the ISISPlug
Configured plugin -input_encoding dos_850
Added the MST XRF and FDT files
Selected "Explode metadata set"
Selected input_encoding dos_850
Selected document_field NoTOPOGRAFICO
Clicked Explode

The result: only 6 dummy files show up, the
metadata is okay, but no other records are available.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for your help.

Alejandro Vesga"

I would suggest the following:

First check that the Greenstone installation and
the CDS/ISIS database are OK. The easiest way
would be to build the collection "as is" without
exploding to see if all the records are displayed
(exploding is only needed if you want to edit the
metadata or especially if you expect to replace
the dummy documents by real documents associated with the records).

If "as is" build does not work, then try
exporting and reimporting the CDS/ISIS database
in CDS/ISIS (if you are losing records then the
master file is corrupted, see the documentation
on what to do). If the database is OK but "as is"
build does not work or if "as is" build works but
explode still doesn't work AND if your Greenstone
installation seems to be working find for other
collections, please come back to the list,
providing further details on messages during build step.

Best regards, John Rose

John B. Rose
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