[greenstone-users] Handling links

From Julian Fox
DateThu, 22 Feb 2007 12:48:57 +0100
Subject [greenstone-users] Handling links
Hi there,
Am trying to save myself a huge task in re-presenting some html
documentation, and I imagine GS can do what I want it to do - but not as
yet! The problem is simple - in an already prepared set of material
given me, a book's main text is in one folder, but the link to any
footnotes and comments always goes to a second folder where these were
collected. Simply attempting to convert the whole lot doesn't work - GS
tells me it can't recognise those links. Instead of having to
re-present the material (bring all those links back into the page/folder
they belong to and chnage the link reference, which would take me
forever) is there a way I can get the HTML plug to recognise those
links? I imagine (I hope!) the answer is yes but I haven't discovered
how to do it yet.