[greenstone-users] first in homepage list not showing

From Julian Fox
DateFri, 23 Feb 2007 16:38:11 +0100
Subject [greenstone-users] first in homepage list not showing
Hi there,
May I come back to an earlier question - because it is now clearer what
is happening but not why. Unfortunately I cannot make the site visible
at the moment for someone to see, since it is sitting on a local server
not as yet 'visible'.
I altered the homepage to show a dropdown list of collections instead of
the images (I'd still like to know how to precisely control the size of
images if I have them, but). IN the dropdown list, it is always the
first item that does not activate when clicked. Others below it do -
and if I add a new collection, then it is that new and latest one that
doesn't activate. I can't see why this is happening, but the above
description of the difficulty may be the clue for someone who knows the
scene well. Any thoughts?