[greenstone-users] ***[possibile_SPAM]***Word, OO.o docs and sections

From Julian Fox
DateWed, 18 Jul 2007 12:07:09 +0200
Subject [greenstone-users] ***[possibile_SPAM]***Word, OO.o docs and sections
A while since I've been on the list - anybody able to help me with the
following please?
I seem unable to get GS to break my Word or ODT documents into sections
by recognising the heading styles. I'm also struggling to understand
just how to do it properly. Here's what I've done so far.
1. Taking a long .doc (it was scanned) I noted it was using several Word
styles, though in Italian, so 'heading 1' was actually reading as
'Titolo 1'. Since it was a scanned document, I thought there may be
some problems and when I opened that in OO.o it didn't list the headings
- didn't seem to be recognising them.
2. So I tried two things - I configured Wordplug (the document was saved
as .doc) to read the scripting. Just that. No luck - flat document
still. Then I saved the document as .odt but redid the headings. No
luck - flat document!
What am I doing wrong? Would it be the position of the plug in the
list? Do I need to describe the plug configuration differently?
And one other question along these lines. How else might I prepare a
Word doucment to be read in sections. If I type in the <section> etc
tags they obviously become visible and I don't wan't that (I could of
course white them out, but maybe there's another way to prepare a Word
document so I get the 'book' icon and chpaters laid out below?