[greenstone-users] Buffer overrun

From Julian Fox
DateMon, 05 Nov 2007 06:32:12 +0100
Subject [greenstone-users] Buffer overrun
Dear list,
Minor problem - I've returned to building a Thai collection after some
months away from that task. Initially I had had difficulties with
converting the script, but that problem, with List help, was resolved.
I'm now getting a final error on the collection - everything works until
the last two lines in the log, where it reads:
buildcol.pl>mgpp_passes : Bit buffer overrun
buildcol.pl>Command failed.
What could be causing that? There are 9 documents at this point - all
convert correctly but the problem is obviously with the search part and
I guess I have an error there somewhere in how I've set things up. I am
searching on dc. title (and similarly for Creator, Date and Subkect and
keywords). I have browsing classifiers (mainly AZ Compact List and one
Hierarchy list for Subject and Keywords because I am using |).
Any help appreciated - it's possibly something quite simple